Sandwiches equal sheep

Posted: February 13, 2009 in Strange Conversations
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While I was having dinner tonight with my dad, one of the sandwich-makers in the back called for a “Kelly” to pick up her food.  He must have had a really lazy tongue because it came out sounding a bit like “collie.”  In the moments after, my inner monologue went something like this:

Collie.  They’re good dogs.  I want a collie.  Smooth coat, the rough-coat’s just too much hair.  I wonder if it’d get along with Peyton?  Well, it’s sort of a big dog.  Something smaller might be better—Oh, I know!  A sheltie.  That would be a good playmate for him.  Even if it’s got a lot of hair.  Hell, he’s got a lot of hair, too.  Not like a sheltie, though.  Shetland sheepdog.  I wonder what they were used to herd?  Well, sheep obviously.  But aren’t they a bit small?  Most sheep are bigger.  Except maybe the cheviots.  But aren’t those French?  Oh—

And here I found myself wanting to just bust into the silence and tell my father, “Did you know that cheviot sheep are only about this tall?”  But instead of saying that, I caught myself and laughed.  I told him that it amused me that “Kelly” made me think of sheep, and then I explained the train of thought.  “I wanted to tell you that the sheep are only this tall, but I knew you wouldn’t know where it was coming from.”  He laughed, and I said, “My mind is a scary place.”

And sometimes, it’s just amusing.


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