Hello Again

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I’ve decided to revisit this blog because I really like the name. (It’s such an apt descriptor for how I feel most days.) This time, I don’t want to just focus on the little things that make me feel “so ADD.” I want a little corner on the web that can catch most anything I want to throw at it: writing, photography, observations, inspirations, and more. Sure, there will be times I talk about my forgetfulness or the brevity of my attention span, but my life is so much more than these things. Sometimes I need to remind myself of that.

And I think I might actually be ready for people to know me again.

So, welcome to my little blog and hello again. It’s so very nice to meet you.


Thanks to Hulu.com I’ve spent far too much time this week revisiting one of my old favorites, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. During my viewing, I caught something curious in Season 1—Buffy’s age changes three times.

In episode 1:8 (“I Robot, You Jane”), the demon Moloch accesses Sunnydale High’s records database to look up information about our favorite slayer.  But there are either two Buffies in the school, or one of the techs really screwed up, because these glimpses happen within fifteen seconds of each other:

First, Buffys birthday is in 1980.

First, Buffy's birthday is in 1980.

And then, its in 1979.

And then, it's in 1979.

I wonder if Moloch was as confused as I am?

Well, regardless of this little SNAFU, the girl managed to kill the bad guys and save the world, and everything else that goes into slayer badassedness.  I completely forgot about it until—well, actually I didn’t even notice the 1980 birthday until I got to episode 1:10 (“Nightmares”), and I saw this:

Live fast, die young(er) and pretty?

Live fast, die young(er) and pretty?

This one’s set in stone, so my guess is that it’s probably the authority.  Which is good, since this is the birth date that actually makes sense in conjuncture with the show’s premise (“a sixteen year old girl saves the world from vampires and demons”).  I don’t know if the crew was producing the show episode by episode way back when, or what happened exactly, but it amused me to catch these three errors in one season. Two of them within one episode.  But it happens—look at Fox’s Bones. In season 1, Dr. Temperance Brennan’s family history changes two or three times.  But that’s a story for another entry.

Moral of the story?  Apparently even fictional women aren’t immune to the temptation to lie about their ages.

I’m so amused.

While I was having dinner tonight with my dad, one of the sandwich-makers in the back called for a “Kelly” to pick up her food.  He must have had a really lazy tongue because it came out sounding a bit like “collie.”  In the moments after, my inner monologue went something like this:

Collie.  They’re good dogs.  I want a collie.  Smooth coat, the rough-coat’s just too much hair.  I wonder if it’d get along with Peyton?  Well, it’s sort of a big dog.  Something smaller might be better—Oh, I know!  A sheltie.  That would be a good playmate for him.  Even if it’s got a lot of hair.  Hell, he’s got a lot of hair, too.  Not like a sheltie, though.  Shetland sheepdog.  I wonder what they were used to herd?  Well, sheep obviously.  But aren’t they a bit small?  Most sheep are bigger.  Except maybe the cheviots.  But aren’t those French?  Oh—

And here I found myself wanting to just bust into the silence and tell my father, “Did you know that cheviot sheep are only about this tall?”  But instead of saying that, I caught myself and laughed.  I told him that it amused me that “Kelly” made me think of sheep, and then I explained the train of thought.  “I wanted to tell you that the sheep are only this tall, but I knew you wouldn’t know where it was coming from.”  He laughed, and I said, “My mind is a scary place.”

And sometimes, it’s just amusing.

Hello world!

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Hello, and welcome to my blog, “Chasing Squirrels.”  As the weeks go along, there’s probably going to be some wacky stuff posted here.  Most of it’s going to be incongruous and trivial, but hopefully it’ll be amusing.

Hope you enjoy reading!